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Clerk Incentive Program

This program allows for a clerk to enjoy all the benefits of the Mobile Go platform, giving you the ability to redeem your well earned reward points within the Mobile Go app to include:

  • Aliv & BTC mobile topup

  • Digital gift cards

  • Bill Pay

  • International mobile topup

How it works?

Firstly,  if the business where you work is participating, request and invite to join the program.  You will get an email or SMS invite to sign up.  Once signed up you will be assigned a referral code and your are now ready to begin earning points.

From time to time, providers will be marketing new products and services.  The provider will assign certain points to each new product you sell to a customer.  You will automatically have these points added to your profile and can redeem them on the Mobile Go app anytime.

From the app Message Center you will be able to see which provider's product and services are having a promotion and the points associated to each product.

This web page will also have a list of the latest promotions and their point values.





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